Often when I ask business owners why they haven’t been updating their Facebook pages the response is “I don’t have the time.”
But you can make the most of what time you do have by planning and setting up a series of posts in a few easy steps.
Hopefully you are spending some of your time working ON the business. This is where you are making plans for the week or month ahead. In the same way, chart out what items you wish to promote during the week. We call this creating an editorial calendar. Is it a sale, or special holiday that you want to encourage people to come in and buy? Find a photo which relates to the sale or event and make note of what information you want to share with it. Don’t be too wordy. Get straight to the point.
Plan to use more than one photo at different times of the day. Your fans may not see it the first time it is posted.
Once you have your full list of photos and comments to add, open your fan page and begin to set up the posts. Instead of clicking publish, if you are on a PC then select the down arrow which is right next to it and click Schedule. Then select the date and time of day you wish the post to go live on your page. Do this for each item you wish to post.
This option is also available on your smartphone app for Facebook.

In this way you never have to slap yourself in the head because you forgot to tell your fans about your sale or special event. Be good to your business and commit to doing this every week if possible or a month or two in advance if you are really strapped for time.

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